Nashville Chiropractic aims to provide the most efficient and cutting edge treatment and therapies in the chiropractic field.  Through gentle and effective treatments, our doctors help restore proper function to the joints of the spine and extremities.  These "adjustments" improve motion and decrease irritation to the adjacent nerves and soft tissues.  As a result, patients with a variety of systemic symptoms and illnesses may benefit from chiropractic treatment.  

Drs. Lauren and Ben Johnson practice a wide range of techniques and has had great results with patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly.  Nashville Chiropractic offers the traditional manual styles of treatment as well as low force and gentle instrument adjusting.  

Our Nashville, TN office also specializes in rehabilitation and functional screenings.  The doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience with physiotherapy and rehabilitation.  By combining chiropractic care and rehabilitation, Nashville Chiropractic offers a unique and specialized approach to patient treatment.