Melinda ALderman - office manager

Melinda is a native of the Florida swamplands who came to Tennessee seeking relief from the oppressive heat of the sub tropics.  After a 10 year career in retail, she was offered the opportunity to join the Nashville Chiropractic team as office manager.  When she’s not answering phones and writing E-mails, she enjoys traveling the world, eating her way through Nashville, and hanging out with her husband and their fur baby, Klondike.


Dr. Remi - Barkopractor

Remi is a cuddly and curious Bluetick Coonhound/Beagle mix.  When not at home protecting the house from squirrels and deliveries, Remi enjoys coming to the office to welcome our visitors.  She loves hiking and camping, but her absolute favorite activities are begging for treats and destroying stuffed animals.